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Be a Developer

Date posted - 15/10/2013

Be a DeveloperLearning How To Develop? Everyone can learn how it is ...

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Tips And Tricks

Date posted - 15/10/2013

Tips And TricksHere i'm going to teach you how to hide animations ...

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Arcade System

Date posted - 15/10/2013

Arcade SystemTwinkle4u going into Flash Game for IMVU. ...

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Welcome to Twinkle Studio Works™

Dear Friends and Members,

It seems IMVU recent changes have made things a little difficult. The recent changes are as listed below :-

  • Malware Detected when installing IMVU Client.
  • New Account require 5 CS_Review before you can submit anything for public to Peer Review.
  • New Account / Old Account cannot SEND / RECEIVE GIFT.

Basically IMVU want you to buy more CREDIT from them and not from Resellers. IMVU want you to SPEND on their public Catalog. It just a basic way of deluding people to SPEND more on their junks. Recently a old IMVU friend of mine got banned because he got a UFI GIFT sent to him. Looks like they are deperate to kill their own business. Luckyly for us we got WOOHOO3D.COM. IMVU can banned the innocent customers who don't even develop or submit products and just because of a GIFT? Get banned. That is totally out of consumer rights. IMVU might as well turn off SEND GIFT permanently. If IMVU Banned you for having to receive a UFI Gift. I have no comments on that. I can provide you a better solution. Join US among other 70,000+ EX-IMVU users in WOOHOO3D.Com. Only one subscription FEE. You don't need to buy fashion, furnitures, rooms, etc.

There is FORUMS for you to HELP give us ideas and suggestion. You're IDEAS is what makes a better 3D CHAT. I know there are still many functions to missing and to fix but we are working on it day and night. Guess what PRIVATE ROOMS has no limit. Not like IMVU 10 people only. You don't get banned for being an Adult not like IMVU.

There were members who said they can't use their credit card on the site. So we have come up with a new solution to solve this issue. We will provide you the Monthly PREPAID CODE. You can use it for SIGN UP at and also reload your monthly subscription at a discount. If you like to buy in BULK of x10 Prepaid Code for friends or to sell let me know. I'll give you a better discounted rate. Help us build WOOHOO3D.COM community like how we build IMVU community since 2005.





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